Best Astrology software for windows PC

We can carry out complicate task and calculations on our computer without wasting much time. Similarly, astrology has been incorporated into computer programs. The list of best Astrology software used by many different professional Astrologers are given below. These software algorithms are based on original astrological texts and formulas, which will help to predict and study astrological events.

List of Best Astrology Software

1. Kundali Chakra

Kundali Chakra is a long running astrology software. It is trusted by many professionals all over the world. This software can help you deliver professional predictions at the click button. It as a regular updates and bugs are fixed as soon as possible. Feb 2015 was the last update which brought many new and exciting features.

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  • Horoscope
  • Match Making
  • Numerology
  • Transit Study
  • NaamKaran(Vedic Method)
  • NaamKaran(Western Method)
  • Detailed Predictions

2.Solar Fire Gold

This is one of the great astrological software out there for calculated predictions and reports. It comes packed with all the standard features of any astrological software. It also includes an astrological calendar and a predictive algorithm by its makers. The calculations and methods used to predict the future in this software are claimed to be more accurate and professional.

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  • Create all type of charts
  • Personalize you charts
  • Astro Maps
  • 30 Types of house systems


Janus is another astrology software developed by Astrology house NewZeland. Janus includes in the list of the Astro Mapping utility. The utility comes bundled with its own atlas and prediction engine that can help you find the best places in the world. This algorithm helps the beginners and professionals alike with their freedom. This can also calculate astrological predictions based on all three types of techniques.

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  • Medieval
  • Horary
  • Uranian
  • Highly verastile


This is an ideal software for all beginners and professionals . The product to be worth for every penny paid. This software is updated regularly. It has long-running good customer support that helps you troubleshoot your problems and issues with the software. It has a graphical design and easy user interface. This software includes all the data directly from NASA.

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  • New natal chart
  • Progression Chart
  • Harmonic chart
  • Portrait Landscape
  • AstroMaps & EclipseMaps


This is a unique astrological software. The software includes a full ACD atlas to help you pinpoint the exact coordinates of the earth without any margin for error. This has 10 house structure to help you predict more accurately. The calculation system too for perfect calculations and real-time data from NASA. The wheel contains Nineteen planetary moons, different planets, six asteroids, and 78 midpoints.

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  • Birth Charts database
  • User Charts database
  • Single wheel, Bi-Wheel & Tri-Wheel
  • The accuracy of NASA’s database
  • Eight new planet centered Zodiacs


Here all the top astrological software available out there for download. You can find the one that fits all your needs. These are the largest indian vedic astrology software with computer Horoscopes, marriage match making and yearly progressed horoscope.

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