5 Best AC Stabilizer For Home Guide

5 Best AC Stabilizer for home

If you are looking for an excellent voltage stabilizer for your AC, then you have come to the right place. Here we have listed 5 Best AC stabilizers for your home. We have made it a point to choose the best one to safeguard your AC against the power cuts and short circuits.

List of best AC Stabilizer:

  1. V-Guard VG 400
  2. Monitor 4-KVA
  3. V-Guard iD4 Ace
  4. Microtek EM5170+
  5. V-Guard VG500

1) V-Guard VG 40 (Best for low voltage)

V-Gaurd VG 400 is made of a wide range of functionalities and work with a wide range of devices. You can find an exciting performance if you are using it for your 1.5 Tone AC.

This stabilizer works in a voltage range of 170V to 270V. You’ll also have access to thermal overload.


  • User-Friendly functioning.
  • Intelligent time delay function, that makes it a great performer.
  • IC-based circuitry.


  • Slightly Expensive Pricing.

2) Monitor 4-KVA (Wall Mountable)

Monitor 4-KVA is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a stabilizer to use in an area with frequent voltage fluctuations. This will be the best option for a 1.5Ton AC.

It also offers you plenty of precautions and safety features with a five-year warranty.


  • 100% copper winding.
  • Five-Year warranty.
  • Compact & elegant design.
  • Ease of Installation.


  • Warranty for only selected regions.

3) V-Guard ID4 Ace (Digital Voltage Stabilizer)

V-Guard ID4 Ace is a great choice if you are looking for 1.5 Ton AC. The stabilizer works in an effective manner for your needs in voltage up to 140 to 280 V. It comes with a seven-segment digital display. The smart LED ring is another great feature that makes it look attractive.


  • Intelligent Time Delay.
  • Specially designed EMI filter.
  • Safety features such as high and low voltage cut off.


  • NA

4) Microtek EM5170+ (Best stabilizer for inverter AC)

This one is made especially for ACs, Microtek stabilizer provides you an exceptional service for an air conditioner with capacities up to 2 Ton. Also, the wall-mountable design makes it a prominent choice for use with ACs.

They also offer you enhanced performance in terms of energy efficiency. The stabilizer comes with the auto-start functionality.


  • Three-Year Warranty.
  • It offers you an enhanced thermal management efficiency.
  • Complete protection functionality in both high and low current fluctuations.


  • NA.

5) V-Guard VG500 (Best for 2 TON)

VG500 is an excellent option for high voltage capacity use. This stabilizer is suitable for use with an AC with 2-ton capacity or lower. It also provides you access to a voltage range of 170 to 270 V and smart features.


  • Handles the voltage fluctuations very well.
  • Highly durable construction.
  • Best mounting stabilizer.


  • No display for voltage.

Final Words

These are the few best stabilizers for AC in India. These stabilizers can be used to protect any electronics from power fluctuation. Feel free to comment down your Best stabilizer for AC, if we have missed it in our list.

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