3 Best firestick tricks and hacks you should know


In this article, we have listed the three best firestick trick and hacks you should know.

Amazon Firestick:

Amazon Firestick has become the most used streaming device due to its amazing performance, but the majority of the users are not using the firestick to its fullest potential. The firestick grows on a daily basis, a lot of problems are framed by users. To use the firestick to the fullest potential, here we are sharing some of the best firestick tricks and hacks. I am sure you won’t believe if these things can be done with your firestick.

All the trick listed in this article is obtained from the firestick forum. We have personally used them and it works great. We have tested more than 15 tricks and hacks. But we would like to share the three best hacks which you can try out.

1. Access Network Storage:

One of the main drawbacks of the firestick is the storage capacity. Firestick allows you to watch the 4K but it doesn’t allow the users to store the 4K contents. Most of us might have our favorite contents on a PC or an external Hard Disk. By default, firestick doesn’t allow you to access these contents, so we will be using a third-party application like Plex to access these locations by forming an Adhoc network among the devices. All the devices should be connected to the same devices.

2. Easy fire tools:

If you want to install your android apps on firestick? It is very easy, just install the easy fire tools app on your android device. You can install it directly from the play store. Open the app and scan for the available Firestick. Make sure both the mobile and firestick are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.  Select the device which you want to connect. You will need to verify the connection on your Firestick. Once both the devices are connected, you can install or sideload any apps from your android device.

3. Bluetooth Headset:

You might be wondering, why this should come in firestick tips and tricks. If you are using firestick for a while, you might find it hard to connect a Bluetooth device and in a recent update after the release of Firestick 4K, the bug had been fixed. It is very easy to connect your Bluetooth headset to your firestick.

  • Bluetooth device > Add Bluetooth device > Select your device.

Make sure to put your Bluetooth device in the pairing mode, once your device is connected you can enjoy all the content without sacrificing your privacy.

Source: http://firestick.tips/firestick-tricks-hacks/


 These are the 3 best firestick tricks and hacks you should know. Hope these tricks will make your firestick experience better. If you are facing any other issue or having queries, do comment below.

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